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Netizen TGA is the first Telegram Gamification App!

Okay, but what’s so special about that?

With Netizen TGA you can take part in various communities and discover new fun ways to get involved within web3. All from your Telegram account.

Once you’re registered, ALL of your community engagement is automatically counted and rewarded XP. Like magic.

Just about everything gets you XP. Signing up, referrals, special XP rain events, joining RAIDs. You name it! Level up as you love it!

For example, you can use your Netizen TGA referral code to invite your friends.

Why is this cool?

Each successful referral gets you 5 Netizen XP for both you AND your friend! Invite your friends now and let’s RAID together!

Also, each time you get your Netizen XP you also LEVEL UP! Netizen TGA has built-in levels. Netizen Legends Leaderboard Level Up system will be used to create our first Community Legends.

The Legends in time, based on their community contributions will receive Status, Network, Access, and Perks. Both Netizen and Netizen Partners RAIDS and Level-up will give you this.

All of this while we build connections, opportunities and have fun.

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome.

In Netizen, as a user, you can explore RAIDS while completing Actions across Telegram, Twitter and various blockchains or Web3 platforms.

Your engagement is measured and rewarded with XP points, which are automatically added to your Netizen TGA rewards dashboard.

The XP is awarded for completing various Actions, such as signing up for Netizen TGA, and participating in Netizen RAIDS or Partners RAIDS (Netizen Patrons), Netizen TGA has various types of XP points you can collect, including Netizen XP and Partons XP.

Your earned XP allows you to Level-up and also climb various Leaderboards to collect prizes and all types of rewards and perks.

Leaderboards are an essential part of the game, allowing players to build their clout and reputation and showing top XP collectors. All of this sounds fun, we do secure our gamification API with advanced anti-cheat AI measures.

The more XP you can collect, the faster you can Level-up on different communities.

The bottom line is the more active you are within the web3 communities using Netizen TGA and partnering with Netizen, the more fun and rewards you can get!

How can you create your Netizen TGA account?

Join the Netizen Telegram or a Patron’s telegram chat with Netizen TGA-enabled bot and type /netizen to register your account. The bot will open a new direct message (DM) with you, looking exactly like in the image below.

Link your Social Media Accounts: Telegram.

As long as you have a Telegram @username your TG will be linked automatically. If you don’t have a TG @username you have to create one.

Link your Social Media Accounts: Twitter.

Click on Register/Edit Twitter Id, and type in your Twitter @handle.

Complete all 3 steps you see in your dashboard.

Note: if you don’t register and verify your Twitter account, you won’t be able to receive any XP for Twitter RAIDS. After you have completed all 3 steps, your Twitter account will show as verified, this can take up to a few hours (Twitter API can be slow sometimes).

Add Wallets.

Wallets are used for blockchain activities. For example during Arthera TestNet RAID, your Arthera wallet with your #dontbelate NFT had to be registered to get your proof of being early but also to collect your Arthera XP for blockchain activities.

Note: Netizen TGA will have a new wallet menu coming soon that will support various blockchains (Eth, BSC, TRX, etc). Wallets are important to be added to your dashboards so any prizes you might win from Netizen and Netizen Partners can be added automatically. Otherwise, you will have to be contacted each time you win a prize or you participate in a blockchain RAID.

XP/ Rewards Dashboard & Level-ups.

Each time you collect XP for various RAIDS you will see it here.

Note: you get Netizen XP when you fully register your Netizen TGA account, for referrals and for participating on Netizen RAIDS. Also, Netizen XP can be awarded for short activities, called XP Rain.

All Partners projects have their own XP given to you if you participate in each community partner RAID. The more you contribute, the more XP you can earn and all types of perks and rewards.

There are currently built in 19 levels within Netizen TGA. To reach level 19 you need 3973 Netizen XP.

Referral Codes.

When you play on your own it can be fun, but doing RAIDS with your friends or community members is even more fun!

Share your referral code and you get 5 XP each time a friend joins Netizen using your code. Your friend will also get 5XP extra at registration.


Note: You can find your referral code in your main Netizen TGA dashboard. Copy+Paste and share it!

How can you RAID and get your rewards?

Here’s a quick rundown of Arthera’s TestNet Gamification RAID!

Why should you get involved? Miss other L1 launches, like AVAX, SOL, etc? This is a historic moment. You’re not late and you can prove it!

How often are RAIDs happening?

Netizen had several RAIDs in the past weeks, with many fun ways to engage with communities like Web3ST, CML, NexAI, Arthera and TaskON.

While Netizen Legends Leaderboard RAID is ongoing (get XP for signups/referrals and XP Rain for spontaneous Actions), new Partnership’s RAIDs are planned to start in September and to accelerate in Q4 2023. Make sure you follow Netizen’s Twitter not to miss any of the action.

What are Netizen Leaderboards?

Leaderboards are used primarily by Netizen to recognize and reward specific user achievements and contributions through time in a RAID. They will also allow certain players to earn trust and prestige, which will unlock access and perks within the Netizen ecosystem, as well as the recognition of other players. Netizen’s gamification API has an advanced anti-cheat system that ensures fair play, making the leaderboards a credible way to showcase and measure your achievements.

Note: Leaderboards can be for time-based RAIDs or for ongoing Project Level-ups.

Example of time-based RAID: CMLxWeb3ST one week RAID and Leaderboard.

The TOP 5 players won 100$ for their contribution to the one-week RAID.

Example of ongoing Leaderboard and Level-ups: Netizen Legends.

Netizen Legends Leaderboard Level-up system will be used to create Netizen’s first Community Legends. All members participating are contributors and winners just by being on this Leaderboard.


Netizen links social platforms and blockchains into a gamified experience where you can play, level up, and be rewarded for your contributions, all done from your Telegram.

Netizen also helps projects to onboard, educate and scale communities, with fun and engaging activities called RAIDs.

Netizen Telegram Gamification App (TGA) covers all types of use cases for community engagement, product discovery or just having fun on social media. Netizen TGA gamification is used by L1 Blockchains, Digital Media Agencies, Events Organisers and various other Web3 Projects.

As our aim is to create a gamified cross-platform internet game where people are valued, recognized, motivated and ultimately paid for their contributions.

We have ambitious plans for the future. Read all about it and see our Netizen Protocol plans here.

Join us in this amazing new web3 engagement and rewards journey!

Let’s RAID!

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