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Gamification Made Easy!

Trailblazing software development company that creates memorable and engaging time-based and continuous gamification experiences.



The Internet as a Game.

Netizen transforms the internet by joining online platforms into a single gamified experience, where users to play, level-up, and are rewarded for contributions. It also helps gamify user onboarding and scale communities with fun activities in Web2/Web3.


Let us gamify and grow your community while you build.

  • Gamify Telegram, Twitter and Blockchain activity.

  • Gamify Telegram, Twitter and Blockchain Activity.

  • Raid and engage on any X(Twitter) posts using XP, Leaderboards and Prizes.

  • Powered by our gamification API and delivered by our Telegram Gamification APP

  • Simple UX and Built-in Co-Marketing

  • Over 2300 Raiders and counting!

Play the internet like an RPG and earn rewards for it.

Join the fun & get rewarded! Twitter Raids with your friends. Complete Telegram actions and climb Leaderboards. Get involved in Patron Campaigns & Giveaways. Get XP and level up your Rep!

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Netizen and Arthera Partner Up to Build a First-Ever Gamified Blockchain TestNet

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