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This past year had many blessings and beautiful events. It gave us plenty of aha moments to push the boundaries and build on the things we are passionate about! Along this journey, we made a lot of good friends, helped clients to achieve their goals and to accomplish new ones they never knew they had.

Some of the highlights of this past year

We completed a first crypto-gamified experience in collaboration with the Cryptic Pixel team. Hogeman, the indie game, had over 3000 active players during the with a total prize given out of 66.000$.

with Gravit8, we helped Global Fortune 500 company Shell launch a gamified experience via the Pennzoil NFT collection during the Las Vegas Pennzoil 500’s 5th anniversary. On the back of this event, a cool free was born and can now be used by anyone to check out NFT collections and collector status.

To build on a solid foundation, we worked and collaborated with several parties in developing a legal framework for the launch of a digital token to be used for our own platform. Under the existing Swiss crypto regulatory guidance provided by , we managed to complete this task successfully and get regulatory approval for the minting of a digital token to be used as a payment method and utility token.

. After numerous meetings with businesses and digital agencies from different industries and countries, we helped to educate and provide valuable insight on how the metaverse can shape the internet of today and tomorrow. On the back of this campaign, we developed our first metaverse SAAS business model and focused on metaverse R&D that will provide value to all our clients and partners.

We developed a prototype 3D virtual space called Block-0, hosting our first collaboration with , which the media have highly picked up. The art gallery will be developed further once we progress with Block-0. Read more about our collaboration on .

The darker side of 2022

Like many tech start-ups and crypto projects, the journey in 2022 has proven to be one with a lot of bumpy roads, high market volatility and events that have deeply impacted runways and go-to-market strategies.

In our case, the turbulence came from a number of circumstances led by the general economic turmoil, which in Europe was felt even more because of the Ukrainian war. We have experienced difficulties in attracting further prompt investment, as some of our potential investors were directly affected by these circumstances. Also, an overly pessimistic outlook for the crypto market has caused even more caution from VCs and private investors when choosing to participate in projects.

This has led to many hard decisions to be made, as we had to change the strategy and reevaluate the way we could go forward working, but waiting for more favourable times to fully launch our project. We also had to make hard decisions on our go-to-market strategy, and therefore we halted our marketing activities and trimmed some operational positions, remaining focused on building the tech, recreating our business and fundraising strategies.

Along this journey, we had plenty of other hard lessons learned. We had many sleepless nights to try and adapt to a fast-changing environment, as our goal always remains the same, to deliver a successful project.

Looking ahead to the possibilities of 2023

We’re starting 2023 with excitement to implement our new approach.

Our gamification API has received a lot of interest and we are looking to further develop this concept into a Social RPG. Our focus is to create partnerships and we already have some in the pipeline, so that the tech that has been built can be tested while we are still building. At the same time, this is an opportunity to grow our name in this space. More on this to come soon. This new strategy allows us to structure our project roadmap in a much leaner way and to further improve our blockchain gamification offering at a later stage when appetite and better economic circumstances will unlock the full potential of what we have created to date.

This is also made possible by the fact that we brought into our team a new partner, who has vast experience in the gaming industry and proven qualities in the development of APIs in the blockchain industry. His passion and knowledge make this very exciting news for our project and the future of the Social RPG genre. We will share more with our further updates.

In the coming months, we are looking to finalise some discussions and have some more key individuals joining us as partners. Their skills would bring tremendous expertise in business scalability and go-to-market strategies.

We also completed the first stage of the process to participate in an R&D grant program. This opportunity will open a number of doors, including funding, networking and enhancing our reputation. All of which will increase our R&D capabilities.

We have in the past months discussed our strategy with a group of advisors, and with some of them, we are looking to formalise a long-term contractual collaboration.

While the crypto market continues the bear trend, there is no better time to build. We remain passionate about the space and focused on its potential. With all of that said, we wish you all an exciting 2023 and we’ll see you out there!


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