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  • The existing Metaverse solutions are overhyped, with speculative high-risk entry points detrimental to business mass adoption.
  • The market is racing ahead of the technical know-how needed for businesses to capitalise on opportunities of the upcoming 5 trillion metaverse industry.
  • Speculation on the future use of land that leaves the metaverses feeling empty is prioritised over solutions that have value for businesses now and can scale as the industry develops.
  • As a business, enter for free and mitigate the financial risk associated with existing Metaverse solutions.
  • Built-in metaverse tools for ease of use and accessibility, requiring no technical know-how.
  • We’re expanding businesses’ digital presence by bringing them into our Metaverse using a no-risk, free-to-enter SAAS model.
  • By offering free entry into the metaverse, we will onboard strategic partners.
  • We will release the Metaverse multiplayer platform starting with the first block (our virtual space called Block-0) to concentrate traffic while ensuring a rich and well-curated space.
  • We will work with our partners to bring in initial users by hosting gamified events and activities.
  • We will release built-in tools and tokenized rewards to enable businesses to engage with their existing communities and to incentivise new user acquisition and retention.

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