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Gamification Made Easy!

by Virtual Pangea



We’re changing the very nature of the internet by linking online platforms into a single gamified experience where users can play, level-up and be rewarded for their contributions.

Netizen TL;DR

  • The internet as a game.

  • Token rewards for using the internet.

  • Level-up, perks, leaderboards and more.

  • Cross-platforms by design.

  • Off chain and on chain interoperability.

  • Power of gamification in the hands of Netizens.

Plug-in your project now for free!

Be the first to benefit from Netizen’s cross-platform raids!
Drive interactions across blockchain and social media and reward your growing community!

Example Raid:

  • Attend Metaverse Party
  • Collect Participation NFT
  • Tweet with #MetaverseParty
  • Post a message in Telegram with the words “Metaverse Party”
  • Collect your rewards 🙂
Netizen Cross Platform Raids
Netizen Telegram Bot Interaction

Come and discuss what the Netizen raids should be!

Should we meme? Boost some charity? Find a missing cat? It's up to us!

Join The Netizen Telegram!

Netizen Labs

We’re opening up our custom gamification tech, FREE to a selected few projects.

Gamification API TL;DR

Blockchain user account integrations.

Leaderboards and progress tracking.

Anti-cheat technology.

NFT based user access.

Custom scoring and leveling up for users.

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April 17, 2023

Enter Netizen-the internet as a game.

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Virtual Pangea
March 24, 2023

Updates: Team, Advisors and Q2 focus.

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