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The internet has revolutionised our lives, but it’s far from perfect. One major issue with internet platforms is that user contributions are often undervalued or incentivized only for the short term. This is especially true in the crypto space, where most solutions for product discovery, community engagement, and community building are based mainly on event-based actions.

While using giveaways via Gleam, airdrop bots via Telegram, paid “shillers” via social media, or task-oriented platforms can involve a lot of trial and error, these solutions are also mainly incentivising participants to have a “Do THIS and you WILL receive THAT” mentality. This approach has created a short-term mentality of FOMO and, in the long run, less engaged communities, leaving a big gap in the market for something else.

Another problem is the lack of cross-platform progress and interoperability. Users may spend years building their reputation and achievements on one platform, only to lose clout and reputation when they move to another platform. In addition, online platforms often fail to compensate content creators, moderators and contributors, which leads to poor content quality, lack of diversity, and decreased engagement.

Fortunately, gamification offers solutions to these issues. By leveraging the natural human tendency towards play, event-based and continuous gamification solutions can incentivize user participation and create more engaged and productive communities. Gamification can also provide financial incentives for users, which leads to better quality content and more motivated contributors.

At Virtual Pangea, we recognize the potential gamification has to create vibrant and motivated communities. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Netizen — the internet as a game.

Let’s jump in.

Netizen-the internet as a game.

The Netizen game is built on principles that revolve around clout, reputation, and engagement. These principles are used to incentivize users to return to the game through continuous and event-based gamification. Netizen provides users with persistent gameplay across the internet by measuring and awarding XP points (game points) for their interactions on external platforms. As users accumulate XP points, they are able to level up, earn rewards, and unlock new perks through community Actions and Raids.

The game has two types of participants: users and “Netizen Patrons,” which include projects, businesses, and organizations looking to engage with their existing communities, expand their audience reach in meaningful ways, or collaborate with other partners through joint Campaigns.

Netizen’s playground is the Netizen Telegram Gamification App (TGA), which is designed to be user-friendly and connects to various internet platforms via APIs. The app is accessed through a bot within the Telegram ecosystem, which has millions of existing users and a strong presence in crypto communities. To ensure the game’s success and optimal participation, TGA is powered by our gamification API and blockchain technology.

In summary, Netizen offers users a gamified experience across various internet platforms, incentivizes engagement through XP points, leaderboards, and rewards, and connects users, communities, businesses, and organizations through Actions, Raids, and Campaigns. TGA is the app that brings it all together, powered by cutting-edge technology for a seamless user experience.

Stay tuned for more updates on Netizen features and be sure to subscribe to our Twitter to be the first to play the game when it’s released.


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